Where Are They Now? Rhiannon!

Where Are They Now? Rhiannon: ‘Train’-ed for Success 

Join Us in Celebrating 10 Years


As we gear up to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we’re bringing it full circle by reaching out to the Mills Public Relations universe to catch up with former colleagues and clients (yes, this is a flat-out “Where Are They Now” column!)

Other than taking the train from time to time, Rhiannon arrived at Mills PR with no understanding of railroad operations. As the Agency’s Digital & Media Relations Specialist, she would quickly learn the ins and outs of commuter rail, which is one of the most complex and challenging PR assignments imaginable.

Rhiannon, who was promoted to Account Director in the summer of 2013, was responsible all digital PR work for MBCR, the private company that operated the MBTA commuter rail system between 2003 and 2014 (and a Mills client for nearly nine years.) Rhi interacted with customers on Twitter, created visual content for Instagram and Facebook, produced blog entries for the GM, and leveraged her media relations content across all platforms. If that wasn’t enough, she pitched in on media relations, internal communications, event management strategy development, and crisis communications.

The threat of disaster surely led to some sleeplessness, but Rhiannon thrived on the tremendous opportunities that arise when working with a business that transports tens of thousands of people every day. Among her many accomplishments, Rhi helped a young woman find a lost engagement ring, promoted a bone marrow drive to aid a sick employee, spread the word about MBCR’s cool “Conductor Companion” smart device (no phone!) and publicized the plight of “Choo Choo” the abandoned turtle via Twitter. The last effort led to adoption for Choo Choo by students at the Mary Lyon School in Brighton.

During her time at Mills, Rhiannon stood out as a fashion icon. A fashion blogger during her off-hours, Rhi had access to the coolest threads known to man…, er, womankind. The Mills team was blessed that Rhiannon never missed a chance to showcase her elegant, tasteful, sassy sense of style.

Current position

Senior Media Relations Specialist, NSTAR

Mills’ Accounts

MBCR, Alan Rouleau Couture, Oceanic Innovation Research Center, Corcoran Management

What Rhiannon learned at Mills

“When your client or employer is a company that tens of thousands of Bay State residents rely on every single day, your role takes on added responsibility compared to other public relations work. The ability to relay accurate, timely information to the public through media (whether social or traditional)  was of utmost importance and determined whether or not you succeeded.”

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