"Mills' exceptional strategic skills and ability to influence internal and external audiences were invaluable to our team"

– Director of Communications, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

"Mills PR has excellent political instincts and intuitively sense what arguments will resonate with a particular audience. They are very dedicated to their causes and clients, and effectively pursue all available avenues for getting the message out"

– Partner, Collora Law Offices

"I would highly recommend their counsel and service to those looking for intelligent and networked communications professionals"

– Principal, TSD Communications, Washington, DC

"The team at Mills helped Osbon Capital activate its brand in a visible way. The press coverage they generated gave our brand tremendous exposure and credibility in the marketplace"

– Principal, Osbon Capital, LLC

"Mills will take on difficult challenges. They have an extensive network of media, political and community connections. They deliver for their clients"

– Director of Corporate Communication, the Kraft Group

"Mills PR are the go-to-agency for any business that needs to connect with key media stakeholders in New England. Their contacts are second to none"

– Principal, Sage Systems

"Mills Public Relations has a take-no-prisoners approach to public relations. They have the creativity, connections and drive to ensure optimal results. Their expertise is especially invaluable when it comes to major PR challenges."

– Vice President of Marketing, Forsyth


Is your story getting across? Do people know who you are? Or why you do what you do?

In today’s mixed-media marketplace, telling your story isn’t a simple exercise. Brands need better content. Brands need ideas they can activate. Brands need better communications, better connections, to get in gear.

Telling your story, the right way, to the right people, takes PR, marketing and journalism experience. Mills lets you take advantage of resources across the globe - regional and national media connections, political connections, more than 2,000 industry contacts in healthcare, law, financial services, transportation, higher education, social enterprise, and more.

Mills’ advantage is your opportunity to develop and implement highly effective, integrated strategic communications programs that combine careful analysis, critical thinking skills, and creative problem solving.

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